This Christmas we are inviting you to take part in our very own festive game of pass the parcel...with a twist!

We're asking you to help support the Lawscot Foundation by making a donation and nominating or "passing the parcel" to someone else to do the same - and in doing so, you might even win a prize!

Our festive campaign this year is designed to be a little fun for everyone involved, harking back to the childhood game and joy of ripping the paper off the parcel in the hope of finding a prize! But your donations will make a vital difference to our work, in what has been an extremely challenging year for everyone - helping to spread the gift of university education to talented students from less-advantaged backgrounds, aiming to be the legal stars of tomorrow.

With young people from less-advantaged backgrounds being the hardest hit by the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, these incredible, deserving students need our and your support now, more than ever. As with all charities, our fundraising has been significantly impacted this year, so every penny you donate is massively appreciated and will help us continue to support more of these inspiring young people.

This year, we're aiming to raise £2,500 - enough to fund one student through an entire year of university.

So, please have fun, take part in our festive game and help give the gift of education this Christmas!

How do you take part?

Getting involved in Pass the Parcel is easy!

1. Donate through our fundraising page. Remember to tick 'Pass the Parcel' so we can keep track of your donation.

2. On social media, nominate (or pass the parcel to!) a friend, colleague or family member to do the same, and share one of our festive campaign pictures below. Don't forget to use the hashtag #LawscotPassTheParcel and tag us in your post!

3. At 3pm each Friday and 3pm on 23 December, the "music" will stop and someone who has passed the parcel that week will be announced as the winner of a festive prize. Who knows what you might win?!

*You could be nominated if someone already participating in the campaign nominates you. Just follow the instructions above!

Add the Pass the Parcel picture and link your social media post

Make sure you add the Pass the Parcel picture to your post. You can do this by....

1. Choosing one of the three campaign pictures below and saving it to your files.

2. Upload the picture to a social media post and use the hashtag #LawscotPasstheParcel, so we can track your nomination

3. Add a link to this page so people can find out more information

4. Nominate people to pass the parcel to.

Here's an example tweet that you can use:

I've donated to @lawscotcharity's #LawscotPasstheParcel festive campaign to help support those in need & give the gift of education this Christmas. Find out how to join in here:
I now pass the parcel to @NomineeOne and @NomineeTwo
Twitter pictures

LinkedIn pictures


Donate today to help fund a student's bursary, mentoring support or other career development activities such as insight days. Thank you!

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