• Laura's story

    One of our first ever Lawscot Foundation recipients is Laura, who studied at Abertay University. Laura spent a period of time living in a homeless shelter during school, and writes about what the support from the Lawscot Foundation means to her.

  • Jordan's story

    Jordan is one of our current Lawscot Foundation students. He is a graduate from the University of Dundee and the University of Edinburgh. Here, Jordan explains his first-hand experience of the Lawscot Foundation.

  • Demi's story

    Demi is a student at the University of Edinburgh. Here, she shares her experiences of how the Lawscot Foundation has helped her.

  • Alex's story

    Alex is a student at the University of Glasgow. Alex provides an insight into what it's like to be a Lawscot Foundation student and why other students should consider applying to the bursary programme.

  • Felix's story

    Felix is a LLB student at the University of Edinburgh. Here, he explains what the support of the Foundation has meant to him and why others should consider applying.

  • Ayesha's story

    Ayesha Malik, a LLB student at Abertay University, gives an insight into why she applied to the Lawscot Foundation bursary programme and what the support has meant for her.

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