Top tips for a successful coffee morning
Let us know you're taking part

Get in touch to request your free fundraising pack which includes decorations, stickers and recipes. Team Lawscot is here to help you out with any questions you have on the run up to your coffee morning - you can find contact details on our 'contact us' page

Decide the date and venue

Whether you choose to host a coffee morning in the house, office or even outside in the garden, it's a good idea to decide on your venue early on so you know how many guests you can invite. This will allow you plenty of time to prepare and make your coffee morning a success. A good start is by sending out invites, we've found that texts, social media, email and a post on the colleague intranet are all fantastic ways of getting word out. 

Ready .. steady .. BAKE

Decide what you're baking and ask your guests to pledge to bring some treats along - check out our recipes for inspiration. Don't just think cakes, there are so many other treats like rocky-road, tablet, sausage rolls, samosas and even sandwiches to choose from! 

Think outside the (cake) box

The main aim of your coffee morning is to raise as much as possible, so why not organise a few fundraising activities for your guests to take part in? You could try a raffle, or set up a 'pin the cherry on the cake' game. They don't need to be professional - just fun! 

And if your guests can't make it for a coffee 'morning', swap your night out for a night in and ask your guests to donate part of the money that they would have spent going out. 

Let your guests know how much was raised

Be sure to follow up with your guests and let them know how much was raised. Contact Team Lawscot to let them know your total and someone will tell you the best way to pay in your funds. 

Chocolate fridge cake


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