As part of our 'Celebrating Inclusion' law fair, we are delighted to offer representatives from employers the chance to attend three designated sessions all focused on positive recruitment practices.

You can attend this 'session bundle' for a £30 donation to the Lawscot Foundation.

Please note these sessions are all included for anyone already attending the law fair as an employer with a standard or enhanced package.
What are the three sessions included in the bundle?
The sessions are spread throughout the day:
9.15 - 10am: 'The student perspective'
Hear from a panel of students and trainees, who are experiencing or have recently gone through the recruitment process to get a traineeship. Employers might feel like they're doing everything right, but what about from a jobseeker's perspective? How did our panel find the process? Did your recruitment process seem fair to students? Why might students get put-off applying for employers?
11.30am-12.30pm: 'Racial fairness' with Rare
Understand more about what racial fairness means and what kinds of commitments employers need to make to diversity, as well as understand more about contextualised recruitment. Rare is an award-winning leader in diversity recruitment and are our partners for our scheme which brings contextualised recruitment to the legal profession.

2-3pm: 'Graduate insights' from Bright Network
Bright Network connects the next generation with the opportunities, insights and advice to succeed as the workforce of tomorrow. They talk through what today's graduates are looking for in their employers, as well as their research focusing on student diversity.
How will I join up to the sessions?
Our 'Celebrating Inclusion' law fair is taking place on Zoom. Each of the three sessions will have a different link to join, which we will send you in advance of the event.
How do I book my place and make my £30 donation?
You'll need to complete the donation form below on this page to donate your £30.

Then, please also register by using the form below so we have your email address and we can send you the details about the sessions.

Please note we'll get back to you manually to send you the details and confirm your registration - it might take us a day or two to come back to you if it's the weekend!

If you have any questions please get in touch at

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